This religious order was originally formed to safeguard pilgrims making their way to Holy Land. It was a new kind of religious order…warrior-monks. It did not fall under the hierarchy of the Catholic Church but reported directly to the Pope. In time, the Knights Templar became the figureheads for the Crusades. They also became the foremost bankers of their day. If traveling on Crusade you could deposit your funds with a motherhouse in England and withdraw them on the other side of the ocean when you arrived in the Middle East. The Knights Templar counseled and funded Kings. They amassed great lands and wealth. An animosity grew between the Knights Templar and the Catholic Church. The Knights Templar grew arrogant with their success. Ultimately, the crusades ended and the Knights Templar no longer had a purpose. As they struggled to find a new way, Phillip of France colluded with the Pope to have them falsely convicted of heresy. Their order was disbanded and the majority of their members were tortured and executed. The Knights Templar are simply fascinating to me on many levels. They tend to be portrayed incorrectly in today’s fiction and pop culture. There are many ways and places to go with research of this order. I haven’t picked a focus yet. First, let’s see what is legit and out there from the scholarly world. Then I will better know where I can potentially make a contribution to this field of research.


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